Welcome News on Road Safety in Snodland

Following a spate of road accidents along Malling Road, including the fatality of a motorcylcist in July, Tracey raised her concerns and those of local residents with both Kent County Council (KCC) and Kent Police over road safety measures on the road and throughout Snodland.

After carrying out investigations on Malling Road with Kent Police, KCC have confirmed that their findings officially show the high number of accidents along the stretch of road. In light of these findings, KCC recommend that consideration should be given to additional provision of safety measures on Malling Road.

It will now be considered for extra funding from the Local Transport Plan budgets in the next financial year (2013/2014) for a “route study” to address the accidents identified along the stretch of the road.

A decision on the funding allocations is expected to be made in January/February 2013.

With regard to the A228 between Snodland and Halling, concerns were raised about safety along this stretch of road. This was included as part of KCC and Kent Police’s investigations and it has been decided that this section of road will continue to be monitored. However, a new toucan crossing will be introduced to the north of the Holborough Services Roundabout, which will provide safer crossing facilities.

Tracey said:

The review into road safety in Snodland is very welcome. With the number of recent accidents on Malling Road, KCC’s decision to put forward the road for consideration for additional safety measures is the right thing to do, as is the introduction of a new toucan crossing on the A228. These are issues that local residents have raised with me on a regular basis and I am pleased KCC  have taken action”.