Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Tuning in to Radio Caroline…on Medium Wave?

Last week I tabled a parliamentary motion calling on Ofcom to release a Medium Wave frequency for Radio Caroline to use in the South East. The station is by far one of the most well known radio stations in the world, is a cornerstone of British radio history, has had 2 current MPs DJ on it, and unbelievably will celebrate its 50th birthday in 2014. However it has been denied an opportunity to secure a MW frequency so that listeners can enjoy the station in transit, rather than via the internet or through Sky TV. With unused frequencies on license to France and the North East, there is a perfect opportunity for Ofcom to release a platform so that loyal listeners, and many many have been in touch since I tabled the EDM, will be able to carry on enjoying Caroline’s music through their radios.

More information about Radio Caroline’s campaign can be found HERE.

UPDATE: Richard Bacon MP just asked Ofcom during a Select Committee hearing if they will speak to the French broadcasting equivalent about releasing a frequency. They agreed to do so. Watch this space.


Anonymous said…

The present day "tribute" version of Radio Caroline has NOT been denied a frequency to broadcast on.

The existing broadcasting regulations allow for any interested party to apply for a licence.

The "tribute" station to which you allude is operated by a sole trader and lacks sufficient financial resources to successfully operate a fully fledged broadcasting facility on AM or FM.

The present day Radio Caroline already holds a satellite licence from Ofcom and any suggestion that they be given "special" treatment ahed of other aspirant AM or FM broadcasters is unacceptable and would be most likely lead to a legal challenge in the courts, not to mention lead to the flood gates being opened with other groups seeking access to spectrum via the backdoor.

philip taghon – jabbeke (belgium) said…

What do you mean by a "tribute" version of Radio Caroline?

Radio Caroline 2010 is "the" Radio Caroline: just in a new era but with the same spirit and with a mix of old(er) and young(er) deejays from both past and present.

Radio Caroline has more friends and people that like her and wish to make a contribution to keep her on the air and as I may presume you are not one of them and yes there is always one person who has to lead the operations! I think you don't like Peter Moore but Radio Caroline heritage has to be protected and that is what Peter does. Read more on http://radiovibrations.com/moore.htm

Isn’t Radio Caroline allowed to broadcast on satellite if she applied for a licence? Don’t you sound a little jealous because at present day Radio Caroline already holds a satellite licence from Ofcom!

And if you should have informed yourself you should know that today all over Europe the AM frequencies are deserted because all radio stations adapt a format only to broadcast on FM frequencies.

And so it is about time that governments all over Western Europe make rules more reasonable so that the heritage stations like Caroline have a fare chance to give their audience what she have been given for the last 46 years.

And if you don't want to lets us know your name don't talk like a fool and write such nonsense and inform yourself.

Anonymous said…

I find the above very offensive to the Radio Caroline organisation, who have been battling to achieve what should have happened back in 1964, if it wasn't for them we would still be listening to the Light Program.
I still have my letter from the House of Commons sighting the use of the Medium Wave for Marine Broadcasting, there was a marine band at that time so what Labour were talking about was simply not true, WHAT DRIVEL. and as for todays' radio stations, thank heaven for mp3.

DaveP said…

I think it's a great idea that you are championing this cause. I've contacted my MP to ask her to sign this motion

Anonymous said…

As far as I know there have not been any AM licences readvertised by OFCOM in the South East for many years. Most local radio stations got an automatic renewal unopposed for supporting DAB.

Commercial radio needs rebalancing so that commerce is less important than diversity of content. The creation of regional AM networks from many smaller licences should have never been allowed to happen.

You may or may not like the current Radio Caroline but it is significantly different to any station currently available on AM or FM in the South East at the moment.

Anonymous said…

Whilst the present day land located Radio Caroline has broadcast for over 10 years, it most certainly isn’t the original Radio Caroline that broadcast from the Mi Amigo in the sixties or seventies.

Over the years there have been many versions and operators that have used the name Radio Caroline.

The present day operator has absolutely no direct link to the Companies that owned and operated the offshore Radio Caroline.

The only connection the present operator can claim, is that he was the "Manager" of the station in the mid-eighties.

Given the true background of the present day service, the use of the term "Tribute" station by the earlier poster would seem quite valid.

It also worth mentioning, that many former people who were heavily involved with the offshore station do NOT accept the present day service as the "real" Radio Caroline.

Factions still exist that would like to see Radio Caroline resurrected elsewhere in mainland Europe.

Just because the present UK operation obtained control of the Ross Revenge through various questionable actions whilst the ship was in Dover Harbour, doesn't make the UK tribute station the real "lady" in any sense of the word.

That said, the UK sole trader responsible for the UK tribute station should be congratulated on his success in running the service for over a decade and managing to deceive so many that his station is the "real" Radio Caroline.

Steve Boyer said…

Unlike you Tracey this Anonymous person has no back bone or spirit to stand up and be named for speaking up for what you believe in well done Tracey. You are saying what thousands of us believe in Well Done!

Rob said…

Maybe 'anonymous' should ask those broadcasters who worked for Radio Caroline at sea during the 1970's and/or 1980's, and who currently present programmes on the station and are also instrumental in it's operation in other ways, whether or not this is the ' real ' Caroline. Or – better still – ask Ronan O'Rahilly, who founded the station in the 1960's and personally ' ran ' it for many years, remains it's 'figurehead', and regularly appears and associates with Peter Moore and the current team.

'Anonymous' seems, sadly, to have some kind of begrudging 'chip'.

In the past there have certainly been various groups who have tried to hijack the name 'Radio Caroline' for their own commercial ends, but fortunately didn't succeed, otherwise the true spirit of Caroline would by now have been lost in the mire of clones which so much of British commercial radio has, sadly, become.

There is only one Radio Caroline. I started listening to it in the 1960's, have listened throughout every decade since then, and listen today, via satellite.
To able to listen once again on Medium Wave would be a nice – and portable – option, in addition to the satellite and internet platforms which have enabled Caroline to continue for the past 20 years. I hope Tracey Crouch's EDM will go at least some way towards bringing this about. Caroline deserves recognition for all that the station has achieved – often against apparently insurmountable odds – and ' The Lady's ' 50th Birthday would be a good time for this recognition.

Dating dilemas for the middle aged englishman!! said…

As someone who was around in the 70's (and listened to the offshore stations) and has since rediscovered Caroline on Sky, I just wonder where anonymous is coming from? 0199 is by far superior to anything else on the radio at present, if it was to become a natiowide staion then the likes of Radios 1 & 2 would clearly have serious competition. My only regret in supporting the EDM (which I have) is if the plug is pulled on Sky and the only way to listen then would be via the internet.