Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Transport Secretary says no to Boris Island

Following representation from Medway Council and constituents, I recently wrote to Philip Hammond, Secretary of State for Transport, asking him to clarify Government policy on the Thames Estuary Airport, as proposed by London Mayor Boris Johnson. I have now received his reply, which says:

“I can confirm that the Government has no plans to build any new airports in the region. Our aviation policies are firmly focussed on improving existing airports – making our airports better, not bigger”

So there it is then – an unequivocal no to Boris Island. Hopefully we can now end all future speculation on whether an airport will be built in the Thames Estuary because it won’t be under this Government.

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John M Ward said…

Great news, and well done for tackling this so early on and getting a good reply.

I have blogged this for the benefit of my readers (both of them!) who might not visit your site.