Tracey Unveils Community Defibrillator at Chatham Town FC

On Friday 14th October, Tracey joined the campaign team to unveil the Community Defibrillator which has been secured and installed at the Chatham Town Football Club.

As part of Tracey’s campaign to get more Community Defibrillators installed in the local community, Tracey’s assistant, Georgina Nicolettos, ran the 2014 London Marathon to support the cause. Georgina has secured another 2 community Defibrillators (one at Snodland Town Centre and the other in Burham Village) and this is the third and final Defib she has managed to fund from her marathon fundraising.

The external box was kindly funded from the local councillors ward funds (Vince Maple, Julie Shaw and Paul Godwin), who were all present at the unveiling on Friday.

With thanks to local electrician, Andy Bonneywell, who is both assistant secretary at the football club but also owner of Quality Home services, the Defib was installed free of charge on the external wall of the club between the tennis courts and the pitch.

The Defib is publically accessible should anybody need to use it in an emergency and has also now been registered with the South East Coast Ambulance Service for them to direct people to in the event of an emergency.

Tracey said: “The importance of having a Defibrillator in the case of a cardiac arrest can really be the difference between life and death, which is why I have campaigned to get more of these lifesaving pieces of equipment fitted in our local schools and in central community areas, such as town centres. I am very proud of Georgina for her marathon success and her support in this campaign, she has literally gone the extra mile in supporting my work. It can often take a little longer than 8 minutes for an Ambulance to arrive on time, which is why it is reassuring to know that this community defibrillator is accessible to the public in the event of such an emergency. An additional thanks to local councillors and electrician who have kindly given their support to help with getting this Defib located here at Chatham Town FC.”

Georgina said: “I am really pleased to have secured a piece of this life saving equipment for Chatham Town FC. Having worked on the campaign with Tracey, I wanted to ensure this area had a Defibrillator nearby should it ever need to be used. A big thanks to all who worked with me to get this installed on site- it really is great to see where my marathon fundraising is going!”