Tracey Supports Work to Protect Our Bees

Friday, 19 June, 2015

Tracey attended an event in Parliament to show her continued support for protecting our nation’s bees.

Recent figures show that bees contribute £651 million to the UK economy each year – up 51% since 2007. For instance 85% of the UK’s apple crops and 45% of our strawberry crop relies on bees to grow.

Tracey said ‘I am pleased to see the Government has taken steps to protect our bees through the National Pollinator Strategy, most importantly to identify a better understanding of the situation. Bees are vital to our farmers, food security and economy. Without them food prices would rise and the quality of produce would fall. Many of the plants and wildlife in our parks, gardens and countryside depend upon them too.”

Tracey has previously attended similar events to show her support and is very pleased to see progress being made in this area.