Tracey Supports Wisdom Day Hospice Patient & Carer Event During ‘Dying Matters Week’

Tracey was pleased to support the Wisdom Day Hospice’s recent Patient and Carer event, which focused on raising awareness of the various services available at the Hospice.

Dying Matters week is undoubtedly an important week for Hospices nationally. The awareness week aims to dispel myths around death and dying and this year to promote ‘My Wishes’; an electronic register which allows the patient to clarify (to all professionals) their end of life plans for preferred place of care & death.

The Patients & Carers event, recently held at the Wisdom Day Hospice in Medway, was an opportunity for the centre to showcase and raise awareness of the various support and outreach services on offer to Patients and Carers, alongside activities and leisure groups the Hospice run. Various local organisations were on hand to speak with Patients and Carers about what they can offer, such as Age UK, Medway Crossroads, MNDA and Faces of Kent, as well as the Hospice’s internal support group.

Tracey said: “It is always a pleasure to support and raise awareness of the various services available to Patients and Carers in the local community. It is vital we ensure that both the Patient and the Carer have access to all the guidance and services they need and I am pleased Wisdom Day Hospice are actively raising awareness in the community around how they can support both those diagnosed with a terminal illness and their Carers.’”