Tracey Supports Vote for Bob Campaign


Tracey is supporting the Vote for Bob campaign, which is seeking all political parties to support nature and the environment in the next Parliament.


Tracey agrees that the UK’s natural environment and our vibrant native ecosystem are a precious inheritance and we have a responsibility to act as caring stewards of this legacy.


Tracey said “It is indeed a fact that biodiversity is under pressure. Many of our bird, butterfly and plant species are threatened. That is why I am proud that the Government has established a proper strategy, Biodiversity 2020, to halt and reverse the decline seen in recent years. Progress is being monitored by an annual set of statistics and there is plenty of scope for public engagement, with the latest news, including on how local conservation groups can contribute, spread through social media. I would encourage all local residents to get involved, if you would like more information on action in our local area please let me know.”



You will also be pleased to know that £7.5 million has been provided to establish 12 Nature Improvement Areas across the country. These are large areas that contain more and better-connected habitats, providing space for wildlife to thrive. Further to this ‘Biodiversity offsetting’ is also currently being piloted and shows promise of substantial results. It will mean that when a new development cannot be completed without damaging nature then bigger or better alternative sites will be created.



However, as ever we must do more and Tracey supports the steps this Government has taken and will continue to do so pushing for ever further action to be taken in the next Parliament and beyond.