Tracey Supports National Hate Crime Awareness Week

This week marks National Hate Crime Awareness Week 2016, which is will run between 8th to 15th October.

The week started with a special launch event at St Paul’s Cathedral, followed by hate crime awareness events across the UK. Aptly, the theme this year is ‘Standing Together’ with all the people affected by the horrendous acts of hatred that have happened all around the world. The week is organised by the anti-hate crime charity 17-24-30 No Hate Crime Campaign, in partnership with Stop Hate UK, the leading Hate Crime charity.

Last year over 200 events were organised and registered on the 17-24-30 website; its aim is to list as many hate crime events and activities taking place around the UK and add them to our annual National Hate Crime Google maps. The week’s aim is to encourage all of us including local authorities, local councils and local police services to work together with communities affected by Hate Crime across the UK to stage Hate Crime awareness events to promote a message of HOPE. The acronym HOPE stands for:

H: Hate crime awareness,

O: Operational response to hate crime,

P: Preventing hate crime and  

E: Empowering communities to report hate crime and access support services.

Founder of 17-24-30, Mark Healey says “We are very proud that National Hate Crime Awareness Week is now being marked by so many local authorities and organisations around the UK. This will be our biggest year yet but there is still so much more that needs to be done. We need to get every local authority involved. We want people to organise and get involved in hate crime awareness events everywhere around the UK, to remember those we have lost, and stand together with all those affected by these horrendous attacks. Working together we will eliminate all forms of hate crime.”

Rose Simkins, Chief Executive of Stop Hate UK believes it’s an important week in the calendar by adding “We wholeheartedly support National Hate Crime Awareness week and we would encourage people to show their support to the many people affected by Hate Crime. Although every week is Hate Crime Awareness week for Stop Hate UK the week gives others the opportunity to show their support for this vital work and for us all to work closer together.”

Tracey said: “I am pleased to support the 2016Hate Crime Awareness Week. Hate crime has no place in this country and I have welcomed the Prime Minister’s support and commitment on this issue through the hate crime action plan. It is important we use this week to raise awareness for this cause and come together to stand up against hate crime to create a more free and united community”

You can check out the Stop Hate UK site and also visit 17-24-30’s website for more details for ideas on getting involved.

Also, be sure to look out for and use the hashtag #NHCAW on Twitter.