Tracey Supports Launch of Free Sport England Promotion for Local Groups


Today Sport England will unleash a ground breaking promotional programme to help get more women and girls ACTIVE! If you run a local group or class please sign up!


This will include peak-hour TV programming of promotional adverts. You’ll have to watch to find out when, but try ITV early evening!


Women Sport Network will be promoting all of the FREE ‘Get ACTIVE’, JOBSNetWORK, SportsREPORTs plus other ‘best practice’ opportunities for WomenSport and SportsWomen to support the launch. This will include lots of promotion of ACTIVEMapX – so please sign up and promote your local class/club or event on ACTIVEMapX to enjoy the benefits of this huge promotional programme – all aimed at getting more women and girls to TRY the sort of Sport/FIT activities being run in our local community.


ACTIVEMapX was set up to meet the specific needs and preferences of women and girls in getting active in the local community. The mapping facility really helps people who aren’t sure what they are looking for and just want to see ‘what’s going on’.  ACTIVEMapX has a much greater penetration of smaller classes – particularly those not held in big health centres and gym chains. They give the smaller, organic set ups – run mostly by women for women – a chance to compete with the big ‘boys’ – and it is FREE.


So if you’re not using ACTIVEMapX – now’s your chance to get on before Monday!  Follow @WSNet on Twitter for more information.


Post your class here – to enjoy the great free publicity for your group and help to encourage more girls to participate in sport!


Tracey said “Sport is so important in keeping our young girls active while having many other social benefits too including teamwork, comradery and health and wellbeing.”