Tracey Supports Constituents Living with Cardiovascular Disease.

Thursday, 21 January, 2016

This week Tracey showed her support for heart patients and their families by joining the British Heart Foundation (BHF) and other cardiovascular organisations to hear how they are helping to save and improve the lives of the millions of people affected by cardiovascular disease in the UK.

At an All Party Parliamentary Group event in Westminster, Tracey met with members of the Cardio and Vascular Coalition, as well as families who talked about their difficulties of living with cardiovascular conditions including coronary heart disease, stroke, heart failure, atrial fibrillation and congenital heart disease. Together, with the Cardio and Vascular Coalition, the British Heart Foundation is urging the Government and the NHS to do more to tackle the disease on all fronts and put heart disease high on the agenda.

Tracey said: “Heart disease is a devastating condition that affects thousands of people across Chatham and Aylesford. Research has helped to revolutionise our understanding of heart and circulatory conditions.

“If we are to continue making great strides in preventing, diagnosing and treating heart disease, the Government needs to play its part to ensure that every person living with heart disease gets the care and support that they need.”

Jennifer Mitchell, Head of Policy at the British Heart Foundation, said: “Through our research we’ve helped reduce the number of deaths from heart disease by more than 50 per cent and improve the lives of the seven million people living with it.

“Wecognise that there are a number of priorities for the NHS. However, we are concerned that cardiovascular disease is not being sufficiently prioritised by the Government or NHS England, and that this is having a ‘trickle down’ effect at a local level with health bodies and others. The end result is that too many of those living with cardiovascular disease in the UK are not getting the treatment, care and support they need. By increasing their awareness of how heart disease is having an impact on families today, Tracey Crouch MP has taken an important first step towards tackling this problem head on.”