Tracey Speaks at Medway Recovery Festival

Tracey was pleased to address the Medway Recovery Festival held in Lordswood, Chatham, yesterday.

The event was organised by the leading substance misuse and mental health charity, KCA. It promoted drug, alcohol and mental health recovery services in Medway and focused on meaningful activities for clients with alcohol and drug issues.  

KCA provides a broad range of services in Medway to help vulnerable people on their road to recovery. These include young peoples’ substance misuse services, mental health services for those experiencing anxiety and depression as well as substance misuse services.

The event featured a range of key speakers from across Medway, including the Director of Public Health, Alison Barnet, KCA’s CEO Ryan Campbell, Director of the UK Recovery Federation, Alistair Sinclair, Mario Sobczak, Kingston RISE (a social enterprise providing aftercare for people in recovery) and Colm Whitty from Air Football ( who use football, fitness and sport to motivate people to move forward in their lives and move away from negative behaviour).

An awards ceremony was later held for service users who have achieved key milestones in their recovery journeys and are now leading more fulfilling and independent lives. The awards were presented by Mike O’Brien, Chair of Medway Community Safety Partnership.

Speaking at the event, Tracey said: “I am delighted to be here today to support the KCA, the exhibitors and local partnerships in ensuring the best possible recovery services are available to those suffering with drug, alcohol and mental health problems in Medway. The importance of improved recovery initiatives is one I strongly campaign for and am pleased to see service users, partner agencies and stakeholders coming together to celebrate recovery and promote health and community initiatives.”

For more information about the work of KCA and the services they provide, please click here.