Tracey Responds to Medway Maritime Inspection Report

Please find below Tracey’s response to the recent Care Quality Inspection Report at the Medway Maritime Hospital.

“The situation at the Medway Maritime Hospital is deeply concerning, and I spoke to the Secretary of State at length about this last night. However we need to be clear that turning a hospital around that has faced deep troubles was never going to happen overnight. This is a problem that has been building up over nearly a decade now. It is also one that is incredibly complex. It is a situation with many layers, including problems in management, delayed discharge of patients, community care shortages, infrastructure (which includes the layout of wards and pressures on the campus itself) and of course, as the latest report states, A&E services.

What is really important is that all those commentating on the Maritime recognise that there are thousands of hardworking staff at the hospital who care very deeply about its future because they and their families also live in the area and would, if needed, use its services. 

It is right that the hospital is in Special Measures meaning that it now has far greater scrutiny of its services to patients and management than ever before. We need to bring stability to the hospital asap which means getting a long term management team in place and hopefully a “buddy hospital” to help mentor through changes. 

In the meantime I want the staff, whether clinical, non-clinical or admin, to know that I appreciate they are working hard under extremely difficult circumstances that have lasted longer than hoped but once on the right path the changes will happen quickly to the benefit of all who use and work at the hospital.”