Tracey Reports on Aylesford Quarry Wood Business Estate Concerns

Tracey updates constituents on the problems constituents reported at the Aylesford Quarry Wood Business Estate and what she is doing to help. : 

Tracey said: “Aylesford’s Quarry Wood business and retail estate is turning into a complete and utter nightmare at the weekends. It used to be a bit problematic at rush hour or when the A20 was blocked due to traffic or flooding but now it is becoming a regular issue at the weekends for constituents.

As a regular user of the shops there I have seen the problem for myself but over the past few weeks constituents are proactively raising it with me. While doing the Poppy Appeal recently one lady told me that it took over an hour to get out of the supermarket car park! Another told me that they now consider going elsewhere in the area to shop over the weekend, pushing business away from the estate and potentially threatening hundreds of jobs.

The concern of many, including myself, is that development in surrounding areas will compound the issue further unless something is done to improve the flow of traffic coming out of Quarry Wood. I know that this is something that TMBC are concerned about too. This is an issue for KCC and Highways and I am writing to them to see what they can do to solve this headache. I am not a traffic management expert but it could be something as simple as changing the timing on the traffic lights but then it could be something more fundamental such as different entrance and exits from the estate.

I’d be grateful if constituents or users of the Quarry Wood retail estate could share this update and feedback any comments of their own, including their own experiences. We need to make sure that this issue is resolved sooner rather than later.”