Tracey Meets with Constituent to Discuss Sepsis Condition ahead of World Sepsis Day

World Sepsis Day will be taking place on Friday 13th September and Tracey recently met with a constituent and local nurse to discuss the work of the Sepsis Trust UK and what can be done to raise awareness of the condition.

Sepsis is a condition which is responsible for 37,000 deaths each year (more than breast cancer, bowel cancer and prostate cancer combined). Sepsis is a time-critical condition that can lead to organ damage, multi-organ failure, septic shock and eventually death. It is caused by the body’s immune response to a bacterial or fungal infection. In a patient with Sepsis, changes in the circulation reduce the blood supply to major organs, causing them to begin to fail. Although most dangerous in those with impaired immune systems, it can be a cause of death in young and otherwise healthy people.

The UK Sepsis Trust aims to provide support to patients and relatives, encourage projects which aim to improve the early recognition and treatment of sepsis, and promote awareness of the condition. The trust is run by people affected by sepsis together with renowned clinical experts and is supported by the main Royal Colleges.

Last week, Tracey met with constituent Kate Molloy, who is also a Senior Sister for the Critical Care Outreach unit at the Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells Trust, to discuss the condition and how they can work together to raise awareness.

Tracey said: “Prior to my meeting with Kate I knew little about the Sepsis condition, which claims 37000 lives a year. It was a pleasure to hear about her passion in working with the Sepsis Trust and I urge constituents to visit the Sepsis Trust UK’s website to learn about the condition and how they can get involved in helping the trust”

More information about the trust can be viewed at

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