Tracey Launches ASDA Community Space

Tracey recently joined the team at Asda Chatham to launch their new Community Board.  The board focuses solely on the local community, bringing together and providing facilities for local groups in and around Chatham.  The new community project shall be offering free rooms to community groups, organisations and charities which are looking for a place to meet in the local community– this includes schools, homework clubs, social groups, neighborhood watch, teaching courses and community police events.

Asda has pledged to go out and help serve the community. They will be sending staff out into the local area to work with organisations. Additionally, the new board gives Asda’s customers the chance to vote for who they want to support in their local community.

The supermarket has appointed staff member Catherine Wiedeholz to be its new community life champion, who will manage and lead the project.

Tracey said: “I am delighted to open the community space board. It is an excellent way for communities to come together and support each other. I believe bringing society together can improve the quality of life, and the community board can help to keep shoppers up to date with local events and issues within their area.”

Andy Clarke, Asda CEO, added: “Asda has a proud history of supporting the local communities we serve. This focus defines the way we work and the way we do business. It not only helps us do a better job as a business, it is also the right thing to do. We believe as a company in saving people money, but equally in that we help them live better.”