Tracey Joins the Ramblers to Talk Walking ahead of her Mountain Challenge

Tracey attended an event hosted by the Ramblers (Tuesday 29 April) to discuss how they can help to build a walking Britain.

The Ramblers held the reception at parliament to put walking high up on the agenda ahead of the general election in 2015 and highlight why people should vote for a walking Britain. Tracey was keen to give her support and talk about how walking can help people in many ways, as it has helped her in preparing for her upcoming challenge to climb Cotopaxi in Ecuador at the end of this month.

Nicky Philpott, Ramblers director of policy and campaigns, said: “We’d like to thank Tracey for joining us to talk about how we can build a walking Britain.

“Walking offers an effective, low-cost solution to many of the problems we face. It’s good for our mental and physical health and therefore reduces healthcare costs, it supports local economies and it’s good for the environment and your local neighbourhood.”

In order to build a walking Britain, the Ramblers is calling for the Government to help promote an active, healthy lifestyle, protect the places people walk and improve access to the outdoors.

Tracey said: “I was delighted to attend the Ramblers reception and hear about how they hope to create a Walking Britain.

“Walking is a really beneficial activity but it is sometimes overlooked and many of the benefits are not being fully realised.

“Government must work to fully exploit the value of walking across departments. As my party develops its manifesto for next year’s General Election I will be working with colleagues to ensure we include policies which fully embrace the benefits that walking can offer so that we can help build a healthier happier Britain.”