Tracey Joins Carers’ Call to Action

Tracey is pleased to support the Dementia Action Alliance (DAA) ‘The Carers’ Call to Action’ (CC2A). Leading charities, public bodies and private providers are coming together to issue a call to transform the lives of families and friends caring for people with dementia. By working together they aim to transform the lives of 550,000 family carers of people with dementia in England today.

The CC2A is responding to an intolerable situation. There are 670,000 people living with dementia in England. This number is set to double in the next 30 years. Family carers of people with dementia save the economy £7 billion a year, yet evidence shows that carers struggle to care for the person with dementia leading to avoidable crises in care, hospital admissions or early entry into a care home, which are all very costly.

The campaign is calling for timely and tailored support for carers.

Through the campaign the Dementia Action Alliance are building up a network of Clinical Commissioning Groups, Local Authorities and Health and Wellbeing Boards that are commissioning forward thinking services for carers that prevent crisis and increase choice. They will be supporting these organisations to share good practice and find pragmatic solutions to address the needs of carers.

“The pivotal role of carers in achieving a good quality of life for people with dementia makes this Call to Action so important. As NHS England’s National Clinical Director for Dementia, I will give it my full backing” – Professor Alistair Burns

Tracey said “I am delighted to support this Call to Action. Those who care for someone with dementia must be valued as individuals and as a workforce; therefore we must ensure we give them the support they need to continue to care for their loved ones but also themselves. These 5 points of our shared vision are something everyone can employ. I urge all charities, public bodies and private providers in the sector to sign up and show their support.”

The full CC2A is available at – please show your support and sign up.





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