Tracey Informs Vulnerable Constituents of Priority Service Register for Utility Companies

Monday, 7 September, 2015

Further to Tracey’s recent Pensioners Information and Advice Fairs across the Constituency to inform older and vulnerable people about services and advice in the local area, Tracey is pleased to inform constituents about the free Priority Service Register for utility companies such as the UK Power Networks, British Gas and British Telecom. The Priorty Service Register is for vulnerable constituents who may need additional support in the case of a power cut or disruption to the service.

UK Power Networks

UK Power Networks owns and maintains the electricity cables and lines across our local area. Their main responsibility is to keep the power on for homes, businesses, hospitals, schools and other public services. As such, they have set up a free Priority Service Register. The Priority Service Register is for vulnerable constituents who may need additional support in the case of a power cut. This includes a priortiy phone number and regular updates. With individual’s permission they can also activate their partnership with the British Red Cross.

To register or for more informatino see the following link; 

British Gas

At British Gas, their Here to Help teams are part of a commitment to support the most vulnerable and are in place to support customers most in need, especially those who are elderly, disabled or chronically sick.

 The benefits;

  • Password scheme for added security – only genuine British Gas representatives visiting your home will be able to identify themselves with this pre-arranged password.
  • Specially designed appliance controls and adaptors – for customers with dexterity or visual impairment.
  • Alternative bill formats – such as large print or Braille.
  • Free Gas Safety Check – British Gas will provide an annual Free Gas Safety check
  • Moving your gas and/or electricity meters – It’s important that you can read your meter easily. So if you have a physical condition that makes it difficult for you to reach your meter, we may be able to move it to somewhere more convenient.
  • Priority in case of emergencies/notification of gas escapes and electricity supply interruptions.
  • The nominee scheme – your gas and/or electricity bills can be sent to a nominated person of your choice.
  • Free energy efficiency products and advice for customers in receipt of certain benefits. 

You can register now for extra help by calling Home Energy care on 0800 072 8625, or call 0800 294 8604 if you’re a Pay As You Go customer. 
If you have a textphone, please call 18001 0800 072 8626.

More information can be found at the following link;

British Telecom

BT understand just how important your phone service is. And it’s even more important when you rely on it for health or mobility reasons. This is where people who meet the scheme criteria can benefit from their Free Priority Fault Repair Scheme. Under the scheme, they will give you priority over standard faults by dealing with them as soon as they can, every day of the year, including Christmas Day.

The Free Priority Fault Repair Scheme is available if your household includes someone at risk. If you’ve any questions about the Free Priority Fault Repair Scheme, if you aren’t sure if you can apply or if you need help to fill in the form, call BT on 0800 800 150.

BT have brought together lots of information about their products and services, help and support, news, advice, information – and much more – all in one place, at

Complete the application form (which comes with the printed version) and send it to us in the envelope provided.Request the printed version of this booklet from 0800 800 150. More information can be found here; 

On top of this …

Southeastern Railway also has a priority seating for those over 65, pregnant, have a child under 3 or are disabled, you can apply for a card at the following link; 

Tracey is always looking for more information on ways that vulnerable constituents can be better supported so please watch out for updates on this information…