Tracey Encourages Parents in Chatham and Aylesford to Read to their Children

Tracey is encouraging parents and carers of young children in Chatham and Aylesford to read regularly to their children. Tracey said, ‘Reading to children is fun and it gives them a better start in life by helping their language, wellbeing, confidence and concentration. All the evidence is that the more they are read to, the better they do.’

Tracey was speaking at a Booktrust event, ‘Reading together changes lives’, at the House of Commons in July 2014. The national charity Booktrust gifts books to every baby and young child in the UK and seeks to motivate parents to read to their children.

Fiona Protheroe, a mother of two who came with her eight-year-old son James, told the meeting, ‘The earlier you start reading, the more it becomes part of your family life. Getting a Booktrust pack when your child is a baby makes books special. James’s dad found the tips really useful at getting over his awkwardness about reading to the kids!’

Viv Bird, chief executive of Booktrust, said, ‘We really appreciate Tracey Crouch’s support. Whatever their background, we know that children who are read to regularly at age five do better in vocabulary, spelling and maths at age 16. Even if you’re not a great reader, you can still help your child by telling the stories using the pictures and talking to them about what you see.’