Tracey Crouch MP supports action on changes to see Mothers of the Bride and Groom included on marriage certifications


Tracey Crouch MP explains she has recently been contacted by a number of her constituents regarding their concerns with the information that is documented on marriage certificates. At present, marriage certificates still only contain space for the name and occupation of the father of the bride and groom – while mothers are excluded.

Tracey said “as the daughter of a single mother, who worked extremely hard to ensure we had a roof over out head and food on the table, I think the current certificate is outdated and in much need of reform. In this day and age where we strive for equality of opportunity for all girls in whatever it is they wish to pursue in later life, it seems off that their own mothers don’t have an equal right on the marriage certificate.”

The Prime Minister asked the Home Office to review the system last August. Tracey has today written to the Home Office to ask for an update on the progress of this review and to show her support for the campaign, headed by Green Party MP Caroline Lucas MP, to see the introduction of a change in this policy at the earliest opportunity.