Tracey Backs Kent County Council’s Broadband Campaign

Kent County Council has launched the campaign ‘Make Kent Quicker,’ which aims to transform Kent and Medway’s broadband infrastructure.

For 10 years Kent County Council has been promoting better broadband in the county, offering local grants and advice to communities to improve both coverage and speed. Under the auspices of the Government’s Broadband Delivery UK Programme, Kent and Medway are leading a £43 million project to transform Kent and Medway’s broadband network. This will ensure that at least 90% of Kent’s properties can access superfast broadband services by 2015, and that the remaining 10% have access to at least 2MB, in line with the Government’s national broadband targets.

Tracey said: “This is an excellent campaign, with a great ambition for the whole county. Super-fast broadband allows communities to connect and will promote Kent’s economy.

“I have raised the issue of broadband speed with Kent County Council, and have supported improvement to the broadband services of Burham, Eccles & Wouldham and Larkfield, which are yet to receive access to fast broadband.  ‘Make Kent Quicker’ can provide super fast broadband across the constituency whilst bringing areas with a slower service up to speed.”

Funding secured already comprises £10 million from Kent County Council, which has been matched by £9.87 million from the Government.  To achieve the full £43 million, Kent County Council needs to persuade broadband providers to invest in the project.  This requires Kent County Council being able to demonstrate the demand for better broadband to make sure that Kent is seen as an attractive investment proposition.

You can register your demand simply by visiting the campaign website at, where you can cast your vote and help by filling in a short survey.