Tracey Backs Highways Agency’s Winter Campaign

Tracey is reminding residents to take additional care while driving this winter and has backed the Highways Agency’s Winter Campaign. The campaign has been launched to remind motorists about the importance of checking traffic and weather updates before setting off on journeys.

The Highways Agency website provides up to the minute traffic reports, views from CCTV cameras and displays average speeds across its network of motorways and major A roads in England.

Up to date weather reports can be found on the Met Office website. During cold snaps, Met Office forecasts can give motorists important information to help minimise the impact of severe weather on their journey.

Tracey says: “As motorist, I recognise the importance of taking additional care when travelling during the winter months. While not every journey is essential during severe weather, those that are should be planned accordingly. A simple check on the Highways Agency and Met Office websites can give road users vital information to ensure a safer journey.”

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