Tracey and Freddie Support #AmazingGrace Campaign

Tuesday, 26 April, 2016

Tracey and Freddie support the #AmazingGrace campaign, helping Grace the Hedgehog and her friends as they are in very serious trouble. Grace is a rescued hedgehog and she needs a safe home to be released in. The areas in which we can safely release Grace are dwindling and over the last 30 years we have seen a massive decline in a safe, sustainable environment for Grace and her friends. Tracey and Freddie are supporting the #AmazingGrace campaign in a bid to increase awareness about how to support hedgehogs in their natural environment. 

Tracey and Freddie, joined Dr Brian May, Kerry Ellis and the Harper Aspey Wildlfie Rescue #AmazingGrace team to learn about how we can all take steps to support the UK’s declining hedgehog population. For more details about how to support hedgehogs in your garden click here

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