Friday, 7 May 2010

Thank YOU!

Thank you to everyone who came out and voted for change in Chatham & Aylesford yesterday and to the hundreds of people who have sent me text messages, emails and pub notice boards (as pictured above) congratulating me on the result. I am proud to have been elected your MP. The hard work begins now and I very much look forward to getting on with the job I have been elected to do.

In my victory speech in the early hours of this morning, I thanked the other candidates for their clean campaigns. With public confidence in politicians at such a low, the lack of personal insult or rancour has been an important contribution to restoring the electorate’s faith in politics and I shall endeavour to continue that process by being an open, honest and transparent MP.

After further media engagements today, official public engagements begin tomorrow and I am expected at the Palace of Westminster on Tuesday. It is a real honour to be given a mandate to serve local residents and I will not let you down.


[email protected] said…

Dear Tracy
On behalf of the Medway Licensed Taxi Drivers Association (M.L.T.D.A.),
congratulations on becoming a Member of Parliament.
Jim Smart

Paul Basden said…

Well done Tracey. I am genuinely pleased for you. I hope to see you around at football but realise your hard work starts now. Never had a friend who is a member of parliment.


Barkmeister said…

Confgratulations Tracey

Best wishes Dave Barkhouse

Lee James said…

Well I didn't vote for you, but congratulations and I,m sure you,ll prove to be a great asset.

Anonymous said…

congratulations to u tracy…i think the labour party -being as corrupt as has been proven -will go back on any deal they make with anyone …there is an army of people who want to stay in the position they have built up over 13 years for themselves..they will say and promise absolutely anything to anyone and then do their own thing they have the edge to make it someone elses fault… they can still see more wages expenses and back handers for themselves …the country comes second to all that/// good luck in your very hard new job