Saturday, 1 September 2007

Team Crouch delivers

Nearly 40 people came to help delivery 27,000 of my latest local surveys today. We spread out and managed to deliver surveys in four traditionally non-Conservative wards where it is already clear that people are fed up with being let down by this Labour Government. I spoke to people as I was delivering the surveys and one lady said to me she didn’t go out and vote at the last election because nobody seemed to care about her or her area – it was run down because they had been forgotten. She was genuinely surprised and pleased to see me – and most importantly that I was willing to stop and listen to her views.

Out of all the letters delivered we only had one letterbox injury, although I had some pretty close calls myself. And the whole day ended with sandwiches and drinks in the pub after. It was a good day and now I look forward to receiving the replies and hearing what local and national issues are worrying people, which hopefully I’ll be able to do something about.

UPDATE: Political blogger Iain Dale also joined us, despite being offered a ticket to watch his beloved West Ham beat Reading, and has written about his experience HERE.

1 comment:

Cllr John Ward said…

Good event — very successful!

Let’s hope you get a good response to the survey, with some useful info coming from it.

I certainly enjoyed playing my small part in this huge effort, along with my out-of-town team of Linda, her son Edmund, and the delightful Heidi.

I look forward to the next such event, later this month!