Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Standing up for Equitable Life victims in Chatham & Aylesford

I managed to speak in the debate on Equitable Life yesterday. It was a feisty debate and although many MPs were pleased that after 10 years of inaction, the Coalition Government has made much progress on the issue, there are still real concerns about the levels of compensation. My contribution in the debate focused on the 470 Equitable Life victims in Chatham & Aylesford and the real loss that they’ve suffered due to institutional and regulatory failure. You can read my contribution and the debate in full HERE.


norwich policyholder said…

When you were Head of Public Affairs at Aviva you must have supported Aviva shareholders fleecing policyholders in the reattribution, otherwise, surely, you would have resigned?

Now you are an MP, your taking up the cause of the Equitable Life policyholders, who were also fleeced, appears something of a contradiction to your previous position at Aviva. Your present stance as an MP appears to mask your previous paid employment at Aviva. This appears to be hypocrisy to those who can remember your past employment.

Anonymous said…

Thank you for speaking up for EL victims like myself. You are right that not all victims are rich! Unlike the previous commentator, I think your knowledge of the industry clearly helps the little people like me. I hope your Government will now ignore Chadwick and give us the compensation we deserve. Keep up the good work.

brianm said…

I challenge you to speak up for Aviva victims while you are at it. My endowment mortgage with them is doing nothing, plus I was scammed during the re-attribution, which I'm sure you know lots about. How can you fight for the Equitable Life victims and not see the contradiction in that hell of a company you used to work for.
And you talk about the looters thieving! What's the difference at the end of the day?