Saturday, 9 January 2010

Snow canvassing today!

Sadly our first canvassing session of 2010 has been postponed due to the weather which came as no surprise when I opened my curtains this morning to see fresh snow in Aylesford. This follows the rather tricky drive I made to and from Snodland last night – New Hythe Lane was pretty treacherous and although it is probably fair to say that I was driving over-cautiously there were some drivers who were going far to fast for the conditions. I avoided Larkfield on the way back to Aylesford and instead got caught in a blizzard on the M20! The girls’ football match tomorrow joined the long list of professional football cancellations as Luton Rec is unplayable – not that the girls would have minded playing in the snow; it’s their loonliness that I love!!!

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Alan W Collins said…

It's better to be overcautious than to crash, in all honesty.

Some of the morons I've seen (a small minority, it has to be said) have been driving "normally" (i.e. in excess of the speed limit and with scant regard for other drivers) and it is surprising that there have not been more accidents!

The worst driving I saw was in the last bout of snow last month. A man was "driving" along my road, enjoying the icy conditions and skidding all over the road as though it was a giant playground – just to show off for his kids (none of whom were wearing seatbelts!)!!

I almost ended up being rendered immobile again!!!