Saturday, 27 February 2010

Six key pledges

David Cameron and the team will unveil at Spring Forum the six key pledges we will be fighting the election on. The pledges demonstrate our commitment to the NHS and improving standards in education, as well as getting Britain working again. I am sure they will be well received on the doorsteps and will again show that the next election boils down to whether people want 5 more years of a bad tempered Gordon Brown who has run out of ideas or 5 years of David Cameron and a team champing at the bit to start a programme of much needed reform and change for the country.

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Volatile Barry said…

A few pledges that would be even better received are:

We will hold a referendum on the EU.

We will repeal all the draconian laws put in place by Labour

We will reinstate those freedoms which have been stolen (right to protest, trial by jury etc)

We will stop bombarding you with adverts 24/7

We will sack the jobsworths that hinder, obstruct and fine you as you try to go about your business.

We will hold a ceremonial burning of all spy cars which are used to fine you for trivial and contrived offences. Just to cheer you up. Oh, and we'll sack all the drivers and other employees who have manned these cars and fleeced you of your hard earned money.