School Visits

Every year MPs welcome hundreds of school students to Parliament. The usual format is a coach trip, arriving in London during the morning for a free walking tour of the Palace of Westminster, see Westminster trips for more details.

Tracey always tries to meet visitors from the constituency to talk about the politics and history of Westminster, the work of an MP and about local issues. The best numbers are 10-30 on each visit; repeated tours from the same school are acceptable. Unfortunately, Tracey cannot meet travel costs.

Visits to London can also take in nearby London sights such as Tate Britain, the National Gallery or the London Eye before heading home. There are often free educational exhibitions in Parliament too (details on

The best day for a tour is a Monday when Parliament is sitting (October to July).

Tracey has carried out a programme of school visits throughout the constituency. The visits are a good opportunity for students and teachers to talk to their MP about issues, as well as for Tracey to see the school at work.

Please be advised that tours need to be booked months in advance.

Please contact the Education Service on 020 7219 4496 to enquire about a visit to Westminster, or contact Tracey directly if you would like her to visit the school.

See for more details