Sunday, 2 May 2010

Restore Rochester Castle

I have been contacted by a local group who are dedicated to the restoration and preservation of Rochester Castle, asking me to support their cause. I had no hesitation in doing so. Rochester Castle is of huge historic importance and a wonderful local attraction and I was very happy to sign the pledge on the website and have promised to help publicise their campaign. I hope all those who read this locally, who keep blogs and use social media, will join me in raising awareness of this campaign.

You can sign the pledge or join their facebook campaign HERE.


John M Ward said…

Yes, this is indeed a good cause.

I joined the Facebook Group as soon as I became aware of it (a week or so ago) but decided to do no more until after the election.

One thing at a time, I thought.

Gallimaufry said…

Congratulations on a cracking 11.1% swing! Good luck and best wishes for a long and successful parliamentary career championing the cause of Chatham & Aylesford.