Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Pretty in Pink

Tonight everyone had to wear pink to training as part of a fundraising event for Breakthrough Breast Cancer. The male coaches, joined the girls of all ages, and got into the spirit and many were wearing pink tops, trousers, leggings and even wigs! Here’s Ricky with his daughter Lucy in matching wigs, and little Ellie with her best pink Chav look!

We were joined tonight by a touring team from Cyprus. The Paphos Cheetahs are the only girls team in the whole of Cyprus so can only play mixed opposition at best. They arrived yesterday and met the Under 14 Meridian girls for their first all-girl game at Bluebell Hill Cricket Club. The chairman asked me to help get some additional media for the girls and I managed to get Meridian to cover the game on last night’s news bulletins plus thanks to my friend Tony they also got some excellent coverage back home in Cyprus. Ironically I was unable to watch the game myself because I was in a meeting with the Sports Minister!
I think the boys that are on tour with them this evening were all a bit shocked at having to train in pink this evening but they all seemed to be enjoying themselves all the same!

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Cllr John Ward said…

The picture of Ellie reminds me of that old Chav chant that was put up on a website a few years ago:

“In me Burberry
Me Burberry
I look real kewl in me Burberry…”