Tracey is warning residents of a telephone scam that has been reported in the Aylesford area and is targeting the bank accounts of elderly residents.

Tracey has been alerted of a telephone scam targeting elderly residents who are being telephoned by someone claiming to be an MI5 detective reporting fraudulent behaviour with the resident’s bank accounts. The callers claim to have a met police number which they give to verify they are ‘genuine’ and ask residents to go ahead and check this by calling 999 by way of proof. The call has at this point been hacked and when the resident calls 999 it is the same scam company who verify the police number and continue with the scam. The callers claim to be working in conjunction with your bank to help deal with this ‘fraudulent behaviour’, which has then led to resident’s accounts being wiped.

Please remember that both your bank and the police will at no point make contact requesting your personal information.

Tracey urges all to be wary of such calls and not give any personal information over the phone or accept any home visits to go through such problems from callers. If you receive such a call, please report it immediately to the police and consult a family or friend that this has happened to ensure others are aware of your situation and can also report from a separate telephone in case yours has been hacked or tampered with.

Tracey said ‘Please be vigilant, not only for yourselves but for vulnerable family members, friends and neighbours, like the elderly, who may be more susceptible to this awful type of crime.’