Are you tuning in to Radio Caroline?

Last week I tabled a parliamentary motion calling on Ofcom to release a Medium Wave frequency for Radio Caroline to use in the South East. The station is by far one of the most well known radio stations in the world, is a cornerstone of British radio history, has had 2 current MPs DJ on it, and unbelievably will celebrate its 50th birthday in 2014.

Tracey Crouch – Berkeley Homes Meeting Outcomes

On Friday 19 November I chaired a public meeting for residents of Holborough Lakes with the Manging Director of Berkeley Homes, the development company behind the estate. Interestingly, the vast majority of people I’ve spoken to who live on the estate love their property and are very happy with the building spec.

Tracey Crouch – Southeastern: Performance vs Cost

I have received numerous complaints from constituents regarding the high costs of travel and what is an unacceptable standard of service from Southeastern Rail. As a result of this I wrote to Southeastern Rail regarding their recent performances and fair increases. In the letter I spoke of the feelings of constituents who had contacted her, referring to how, many of them, “feel aggrieved at the added cost to their travel, they are equally concerned at the level of service they can expect in return and as such, have raised with me a number of particular issues.”  The details of these are clearly outlined in her letter, which can be accessed by the link below. 

Abandoned Vehicles In The Snow

In January this year, vehicles were abandoned on and around Bluebell Hill in the snow. They were subsequently towed an pounded in Sheppey, with owners asked to pay out £150 plus a daily £20 in order to have them released. With the snow again causing local chaos, the police issued a warning to motorists that abandoned cars would again be towed.

Public meeting with Berkeley Homes

This meeting has been arranged as a result of concerns voiced by residents of Holborough Lakes Housing Estate; many residents have expressed a great level of discontent with problems that have arisen on the estate. Examples of these problems are; charges for visitor parking, continuing lack of bins, inadequacy of ‘play areas’ and safety measures for the pond as well as more.

Tracey Crouch – Show Rascism The Red Card

On Tuesday 19th October, I joined ex-professional footballers, representatives from the Professional Footballers Association and members of the Show Racism the Red Card campaign to give my support to the charity’s bid to become The Football Association’s Charity of the Year for 2011.

Election Night Victory in Chatham and Aylesford

Tracey Crouch has been elected as the Conservative Member of Parliament for Chatham and Aylesford. She won with an extremely solid 20,230 votes and 46.2% share of the vote – representing a swing of 9.4% towards the Conservatives.

After 13 years, Labour gets an “F” in the South East

As the General Election approaches the final stretch, Conservatives released a report card revealing Labour’s failure across the English regions. On the key issues of concern to voters, Labour have spent billions yet failed to improve the quality of life for many millions of people across the country.

Conservative Candidates Pledge to Campaign Clean

With the expenses scandal overshadowing British politics, it is important for candidates to try and restore voters’ trust and faith in politicians.  So as the 2010 General Election begins, Tracey Crouch, has signed a Clean Campaign Pledge providing voters with a clear personal commitment to behave responsibly and fairly during the forthcoming campaign period, and to uphold high standards if successfully elected to Westminster.

Tracey Crouch hands over Capstone Valley Housing Petitions

The postcard petitions against house building proposals in Capstone Valley have now stopped coming back to the office so I recently handed over thousands of cards to Medway Council Leader Rodney Chambers who in turn tabled them at last night’s Council meeting.