Tracey Welcomes BHF Public Defibrillator Funding Announcement

Tracey has welcomed the exciting news that the British Heart Foundation and the Department of Health are today launching a £1 million partnership to make public access defibrillators (PADs) and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) training more widely available across England.  

Tracey Gives Support for Silver Sunday

Tracey has pledged her support for Silver Sunday, the first Sunday in October, where local communities and individuals put on free events for their senior citizens. Older people aged 65+ can celebrate the fourth Silver Sunday by taking part in a packed schedule full of free events and activities across the UK on Sunday 4th October. Tracey will visit the Pilgrims View Care Home to meet with the elderly constituents, their family and carers to help raise awareness around the campaign day.  

Tracey Shoots Hoops with Team GB Basketball Stars

Tracey recently received a masterclass from Team GB basketball and wheelchair basketball stars this week during the return of the ‘Shoot Some Hoops’ event in Parliament to help promote the sport.

Tracey Wears it Pink in aid of Breast Cancer Now

Tracey has shown her support for women with breast cancer by dressing up in pink and encouraging her constituents to take part in Breast Cancer Now’s flagship fundraiser, wear it pink, on Friday 23rd October.

Tracey Works With Local Councillor to Tackle Pavement Parking

As a long standing supporter of the Guide Dogs charity and independent chair of Medway’s Physical Disability Partnership Board the issue of pavement parking is one that she takes incredibly seriously. While pavement parking is an issue across the country and the constituency, it is something that has been predominantly raised with Tracey by constituents in the Medway area. Tracey has therefore been working closely with councillors to tackle this issue and protect the vulnerable from having to walk in busy roads. 

Tracey Informs Vulnerable Constituents of Priority Service Register for Utility Companies

Further to Tracey’s recent Pensioners Information and Advice Fairs across the Constituency, Tracey is pleased to inform constituents about the free Priority Service Register for utility companies such as the UK Power Networks, British Gas and British Telecom. The Priorty Service Register is for vulnerable constituents who may need additional support in the case of a power cut or disruption to the service.

Tracey’s Comments on Latest Mesothelioma Statistics

This week, the Office of National Statistics issued the latest figures for those who have passed away in the last year from Mesothelioma, a lung cancer caused only by exposure to asbestos. It was sad, but alas not surprising, to see an increase in the number of deaths. I say unsurprising because it is a latent disease that only presents itself decades after exposure and I am afraid therefore we will continue to see an increase for a few more years to come yet. Medway, given its dockyard and heavy industrial past, has the highest number of deaths in the county and remains one of the UK’s mesothelioma hotspots.