Tracey Supports Progress on Dementia Challenge at Downing Street

Tracey attended a reception at Downing Street this afternoon to celebrate the publication of the Prime Minister’s Dementia Challenge progress report. This has come on a day that marks great progress for the national challenge on Dementia as in addition to the report Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has announced a number of measures as part of the next phase of the Dementia Challenge. Additionally, Tracey has signed up to be a Dementia Friend, the scheme also launched by the Prime Minister today, will be led by the Alzheimer’s Society, and will be to date the country’s biggest ever project to change the way people think about dementia.

Tracey Answers Call To Save More Lives From Breast Cancer

Tracey met with resident Phil Wilson at Breakthrough Breast Cancer’s 13th annual Westminster Fly-In event to support the charity’s call to save lives through increasing awareness, promoting early diagnosis and providing access to treatment.

Tracey Takes the Pledge to Make a Difference

Tracey is taking the pledge to encourage people throughout the area to give time to benefit the local community in the build up to CSV Make a Difference Day on Saturday 27 October 2012.