Saturday, 10 April 2010

Out in force

Today, we had 24 people out in the beautiful sunshine in Walderslade and Princes Park including two new team members! The sun had people out in their gardens and cleaning their cars on the driveway so I got to talk to a lot of residents today about their issues. I seemed to encounter a number of people who had recently had a problem with care or “service” at the Medway Maritime, which was worrying and I will pick up with the Chief Executive next time I see him.

I also made a house call and met an extremely savvy young lady who I was very impressed with and who David Cameron is talking about precisely when he talks about the “great ignored”. I was only sorry I had to leave sooner than I would have liked to join the afternoon canvass team but in the short time I was there, I felt I had an insight into what young single women who want to work hard face and how they are beginning to get angry about not being heard – it was certainly a message I took note of.

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