Tuesday, 27 October 2009

New Luton & Wayfield branch!

I have just returned home from the inaugural meeting of our new Luton & Wayfield branch! It is absolutely fabulous to have a branch up and running in what until recently had been a safe Labour ward, which of course returned its first Conservative councillor in decades in the September by-election. In all my time, and those of other political oldies at the meeting, I have never seen so many people actively involved in a branch – even in solid Conservative areas – so I feel very excited tonight by the enthusiasm and interest shown by new and old members alike to ensure the branch successfully contributes to the association and to my campaign.

Good luck Luton & Wayfield branch and welcome to the team!

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John M Ward said…

Congratulations and all best wishes from me to the new branch!

I well recall how it was for us here, setiing up a new branch once the Associations wer structured around the upcoming constituency boundary changes and we were no longer split across two Associations.

We have been so successful that we won awards at each Association AGM as being the best of our nine wards at one aspect or another (improved membership, fundraising or whatever).

With the good start Luton and Wayfield clearly has, it would be no surprise to find it turns a few heads with its future successes at C&A AGMs!