Tuesday, 7 September 2010

A new dawn!

I have celebrated the honour of being put on the list of Top MP blogs by changing the layout of my blog! The new template design provided by Blogger is amazingly easy to use and despite temptation I shall refrain from playing with it too often. I shall also try to do the Total Politics award justice by updating it on a more regular basis!

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John M Ward said…

Well done! I have been awaiting a suitable place to pass on my congratulations (in the meantime, I blogged about it last Saturday) so am pleased there now is such a post.

It is quite something to come straight into a Top 30 listing, so soon after having been elected (and thus become eligible for this category).

The flip side is that you are going to have to update from frequently, in order to justify the faith placed in you by all those who voted for your 'blog 🙂