Friday, 14 September 2007

The Nation and its Armed Forces

The day after the British Legion formally launched its campaign to Honour the Military Covenant, the Commons Defence Committee publishes a report condemning the appalling condition of military accommodation. The report noted that “disgraceful” accommodation was partly to blame for problems with recruitment and retention. the MPs said that occupants were facing long waits for repairs because of the failure of maintenance contracts. They also warned there was widespread confusion over who was responsible. Members of one regiment based in the UK told the committee that their colleagues in Afghanistan enjoyed better accommodation than them. The MPs described this as “a serious failure of policy” and said the problem was being “exacerbated by an alarming lack of recognition at senior levels that these problems are more than minor difficulties”. It is not just in war that we should recognise the well being of our soldiers – they deserve better conditions at home as well. I have signed up to the Military Covenant – I hope you will do so too.


M. Bernard said…

Where do you stand on the issue of medical care for our Armed Forces?

Would you insist that they must have their own Military Hospital staffed by Military Personnel?

Tracey Crouch said…

Yes I would. When I see how countries like America look after their military personnel I am horrified. I would like to see a proper system of care and rehabilitation in place for our armed forces.