Ministerial Visit to Bradfields School

Tracey, an already acknowledged supporter of Bradfields School and Tim Loughton, (MP for East Worthing & Shoreham, and Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Children & Young Families) visited Bradfields School in Chatham last Thursday.

Bradfield School was chosen for the visit because of Tracey and Tim Loughton’s shared interest in special school provision, and the work that is done with children with complex learning needs.

On arrival they met with Mr. Kim Johnson, Headteacher, toured the school, met students who talked about their educational experiences, and saw some of the Royal Wedding festivities that were taking place around the school.

Tracey and Tim joined students taking part in a tug of war.

Tim Loughton and members of the student council, presented a certificate to Tracey Crouch MP, making her an honorary member of the student council, which is now hung on the wall in her office at Westminster with great pride!