Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Meeting Freshers at Medway

I took today off work and joined Conservative colleagues from across Medway for Freshers Fayre. Today was sports club day and our stand was positioned in between the hockey and cricket stand and across from the netball. There was a lot of ball play going on between the stands and although it was fun trying to dodge cricket balls it was also quite interesting talking to the students. Most would say they aren’t interested in politics but once you ask them what they think of the bus service, or crime, or litter they soon realise that they are very interested in politics but just hadn’t labelled it as such before. The strangest moment of the day was when Communities Minister Shahid Malik was being shown around the Fayre and the organisers stopped to explain something to him right by our stand. Shahid was very cool and came over to shake my hand but his advisers looked very nervous and were desperate to get the Minister away as soon as possible!

After leaving Medway campus I had a meeting with Cllr Nick Chard at Kent County Council about, amongst other things, trying to resolve the problem of traffic on Lower Lunsford Lane. I hope we will get some kind of closure on this issue soon.


Tom Davis said…

It was nice to see you there, Tracey, although I am mortified that my Facebook profile has photo has been the subject of discussion!

That said, I hope you didn't do as well as us. I think we came away with about 40 new members, so big smiles all round.

Billy Bunter said…

"I think we came away with about 40 new members, so big smiles all round."

Wonder if you'll still be smiling when you and Paul are in the dole queue next May.