Thursday, 15 July 2010

Medway Council’s budget – the minister’s response

We get four bags of post per day in the House of Commons and the letter re Medway Council’s budget cuts arrived in the last one today. I really do understand the position the Ministry is in with the need to make savings in order to reduce the extraordinary deficit clocked up by the Labour Government but, as I said to the Minister in person, I am disappointed about the decision re the PSA grant. My duty now is to work with the Council’s leaders to try and ensure that the impact on residents in Chatham is minimal and that investment in some of the poorest parts of Medway continues.

(If this doesn’t enlarge when you click on it please let me know)


Michael Reed said…

Clicking on the image doesn't do anything here.

BTW, minimal means the smallest possible amount, but there is a newer usage that means a small amount. So, that sentence could mean that you will endeavour to make the impact as small as possible or that the impact will be only be a small one. If it were me, I'd use "minimised" instead.

John M Ward said…

Hi Michael!

It is a pity that the full size image isn't accessible (I'm sure it's on one of Blogger's servers somewhere, but not linked to here).

I have now just about managed to read, on the small image under magnification, what is clearly no more than a generic response to all such approaches from LAs and supportive MPs.

What needs to be pressed for is a specific addressing on the imbalances that the previous government deliberately created, rather than a "one size fits all" approach.

I suspect that Medway could make very modest reductions for a few years, but not as much as those LAs who have had far better funding under Labour than they warranted. A sensible approach would be to start a programme right now that would, over a few years, substantially redress the balance.

That, of course, is something for Parliament to tackle and push for.