Friday, 16 November 2007

Local Labour Party wasting YOUR money

Despite there not being any such proposal votes were counted yesterday in a “referendum”, called by the Snodland Labour Party, on car parking charges. Since the good folk of Snodland are too sensible to be fooled by Labour scaremongering on 8% voted in the referendum. However since the poll cost Snodland Town Council £2,200 it means each vote cast cost the Council £5! What a horrendous waste of money. The Town Council already has limited funds and £2200 could be much better spent in my opinion on town facilities rather than wasted on a politically motivated campaign. We will remind them that it was they who wasted the money, not local Conservatives, if the pot runs out!


Cllr John Ward (Medway) said…

Oh! They used council resources for their referendum, then?

Interesting. The recent Capstone Valley referendum — of far greater significance but clearly with some political connotations — was paid for by whom? Oh, yes — you did it, costing the council tax-payer nothing.

There’s a lesson in there for someone, and it isn’t us…

Alex Pettyfer said…

The Labour Party in Snodland are scare mongering about this. Tonbridge & Malling Council are carrying out a review -just like they did three years ago in West Malling where my sister lives. No charges were introduced in West Malling but they solved the dreadful parking problems by stopping London commuters from using the shoppers car park. Simple. No charges were introduced and there is no reason for them to be introduced in Snodland either if local people oppose such plans.

Snodland Labour are obviously smarting after losing all their seats on the council last May and are using this issue as a political football to attack the Tories. They would be better employed working with the Town and Borough council to find a sensible solution to the problems rather than frittering thousands of pounds of our money on a pointless town vote that attracted attention from less that 1 in 12 voters.