Saturday, 1 May 2010

The last canvass

(the morning team!)

Today we held our last canvass sessions before the General Election and we had massive teams out across the constituency. We met this morning at the Ditton Community Centre and headed off in teams to canvass in Aylesford, Ditton and Larkfield and this afternoon we had another huge team to canvass in Princes Park, Walderslade and Lordswood. The response on the doorstep was excellent and the team regrouped this afternoon for tea and cake in a buoyant mood.
Over the course of the election campaign I have met and spoken to hundreds of people who have raised a plethora of issues. Without doubt uncontrolled immigration is the most unprompted issue raised on the doorstep followed by the economy, jobs, the benefits system and abuse of MPs expenses. But I have also had raised with me issues relating to the local hospitals, tuition fees, abortion, the threat to Christianity, election debates, women MPs, taxes, Europe and pensions to name but a few! I have always enjoyed being on the doorstep but the last four weeks have been brilliant; it has been a joy to meet, listen and speak to so many people during our 3 canvass sessions per day and I hope that it will make a difference.
The next few days are dedicated to meetings with various organisations and residents, correspondence and constituency-wide delivery. Thank you to all those who have helped and are helping over the next few days, and to all those I have met and have been so hospitable on the doorstep.

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gfDesign said…

I have always voted Conservative since 1979 but, during this fractured lead up to the General Election, I am seeing no publicized promises that will sway me in any direction; In this I am talking about Medway, not Nationally.
After the faux pas that is the new bus terminus in Chatham and being an older unemployed, the poor support and guidance for those who are not amongst the young out-of-work in the area, I need commitment to improving Medway from any party to hold my vote.