Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Holmesdale Technology College

This morning I had a tour of Holmesdale Technology College and I was very impressed. The school has tried to place itself at the heart of the local community so as you walk into the reception, and after you’ve got over the sheer “wow” factor of the huge airy atrium, the first thing you notice is a coffee shop open to everyone in and outside the school.

The School, built under the PFI, is a specialist Technology college and the ICT suites were incredible – long gone are the days where students crowded around a single giant computer with a flickering green screen to learn about QWERTY and RAM. This school is all wified up and every student has their own specially configured laptop enabling e-learning at the highest level. But it is more than just the technology that impressed me.

The infrastructure is amazing and OK it is a new school and everything, but the architectural design and general maintenance of the building is enough to make any pupil want to come to school and stay and learn. Even though my school days are long behind me, just walking around this morning was enough to make me want to join a class – although I would have been hard pressed to decide which one to join!

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