Holborough Lakes


Since first being alerted to the parking issues affecting the Holborough Lakes development in 2010, Tracey has worked alongside local residents, Berkeley Homes and the development’s management company RMG Ltd, to help improve parking conditions on the development. While the situation seemed to improve following a public meeting between Berkeley Homes, RMG Ltd and local residents, organised and chaired by Tracey in late 2010, recent plans to reduce visitor parking and the introduction of a new parking enforcement policy has generated much concern among residents. Following a meeting on Wednesday evening between Berkeley Homes, RMG Ltd and local residents, which Tracey’s office attended, Berkeley Homes and RMG Ltd have decided to review their proposals.  


Tracey said:


“Parking on the development has long been a genuine concern for residents. Having written to Berkeley Homes in September regarding residents’ most recent concerns over visitor parking and a new parking enforcement policy, I am glad to see that residents and Berkeley Homes, through constructive discussion, have been able to reach an acceptable way forward. While I understand from the meeting, which representatives from my office attended, that new parking enforcement proposals will be consulted on with local residents, the wider issue of visitor parking on the estate will also be reviewed.  


This is a welcome step in the right direction and I will continue to liaise with Berkeley Homes and residents in resolving the issues on the development.”