Guide Dogs Wish Tracey a Cracking Christmas

Tracey  met with staff, volunteers and puppies from the charity Guide Dogs yesterday to receive a custom-made Christmas cracker, thanking them for their support this year.

The charity set up a makeshift grotto in Parliament to hand out messages of thanks to MPs that have supported the charity in 2014. The custom cracker included a message on Guide Dogs’ campaign for a national law on pavement parking.

Tracey supported an attempt to change the law to give local councils more power to tackle the problem of parking on pavements, which is a hazard for people with sight loss and can force them on to the road.

Tracey commented: “It was a pleasure to meet the guide dog pups in training and receive my thank you cracker from Guide Dogs.

“Pavement parking issues which is not only a problem for people with sight loss, it is a potentially dangerous obstacle for wheelchair and mobility scooter users as well as people with pushchairs. I looks forward in continuing to work and support the Guide Dogs in 2015”  

Guide Dogs Campaigns Manager James White said: “We are very grateful for all of the support that Members of Parliament give to Guide Dogs.

“As well as saying thank you to Tracey for her help this year, we used this opportunity to raise awareness about the dangers of parking on pavements and to call for a change in the law.”