Friday, 6 August 2010

Good News for the Bishop of Rochester Academy

Having returned home after being in meetings all day, I was delighted to learn that Michael Gove, the Secretary of State for Education, has given the go-ahead for Building Schools for the Future (BSF) funding for the Bishop of Rochester Academy (BoRA).

The Academy was formed after the merger of Chatham South and Medway Community College and is due to open in September. BSF funding had been applied for in order to build a brand new single site school replacing the dilapidated buildings on the MCC site, but it had been announced that the capital allocation was under review.

This has understandably caused some uncertainty among parents, teachers and pupils but now that it has been announced that the Government will reward capital funds, we can draw a line in the sand and get on with the plans to build a new first class facility which will help improve the learning environment, teaching standards and results.


Anonymous said…

Only problem is many of us do not want to merge with mcc. We also do not like the new name we are not C of E and if I wanted my son to attend a church based/funded school I would have applied to one.
A academy is great but call it Chatham academy or anything not after a bishop or any other religious person

John M Ward said…

Great news indeed!

I have had confidence throughout that a way would be found, and this is a concrete commitment (as Mark Reckless MP has reported) and not the mere (unfunded) vague aspirational hope that was all the previous Labour government offered in reality.

Anonymous said…

My son is now in Year 11 at the new Academy, Day 1 fight between a Chatham South boy and MCC boy! Day 2 when picking him up more than 20 boys outside the petrol garage ..rumour is another fight ! No surprise there then!!

Smith785 said…

The previous labour government offered more than vague aspiration it offered new schools and new buildings thorough a framework that built these quickly and to met the needs of the users, it’s great to have a return to the Tories cuts and the vague little bit of light being one school out of the hundreds that are required being built!