Financial and Business Support

A bit of an "all over the place" update given how fast paced the situation is so in no particular order:

- Sainsbury's overnight have announced some extremely sensible measures to limit purchases, enhance its click and collect service and implement a silver hour in all its stores. Full statement in the picture below. I am seeking clarity on what is being offered and when at the Pentagon Centre, Hempstead Valley, Aylesford and Chequers Centre stores and will update accordingly.

- more support was outlined by the government yesterday for businesses. It has rightly been seen as a really welcome package of measures although I also acknowledge that we are still waiting for a support package for those who are self employed and those in rented accommodation and I understand this is coming very soon. The full link to the speech from the Chancellor yesterday is:…/chancellor-of-the-exchequer-rishi-suna…

- the Government is frantically trying to ensure that a test is done for all health workers to see if they have had coronavirus so they can work. My thanks to the frontline workers who have been in touch about this. The Health Secretary's office have confirmed to me that they are working flat out on this.

- the emergency legislation to tackle coronavirus has been published and is here. It includes measures on food supplies among other things:…/coro…/what-the-coronavirus-bill-will-do

- Finally there is an absolutely excellent article on Martin Lewis' website about financial help and your rights. It is trying to keep up as much as everyone else but is very good.…/uk-coronavirus-help-an…/

A final finally - a plea, if I may...

Please stop panic buying stock you do not need, depriving those who are more vulnerable than you of the stock they do need. Some people are sadly buying excessive amounts of stock to then flog at a profit. This makes you a bit of a horrible person (or words to that effect). You might want to just take a moment to think about what you are doing and instead take it down the foodbank.