Monday, 5 April 2010


Tomorrow we expect Gordon Brown to announce the date of the General Election. Finally!!

After much dithering, the (unelected) Prime Minister will provide the Country with the opportunity to end thirteen wasted years of Labour Government. This Government is tired and has run out of ideas.

Since I was selected in 2006 to be the Conservative candidate for Chatham & Aylesford, I have knocked on thousands of doors across the constituency. I’ve walked every street and surveyed every house – some more than four times. I am proud of the work I and the team have done in the community and the issues that have been raised and campaigned on as a consequence.

I have spent this long Easter weekend relaxing with my beloved and supportive family, preparing for the next few weeks of campaigning. It is going to be exhausting and extremely busy but hopefully worthwhile (and fun). But with all else said it is here and it is time for a change!


Anonymous said…

Not seen you round our way. Don't forget part of your prospective constituency also includes Walderslade.

Lindsey of Davis Estate said…

Couldnt agree more. Part of the campaign should surely be about what you will actually prioritise. PLEASE stop all the emotional rhetoric and tell us what your actual agenda is for Chatham and Aylesford. For Chathamites it appears all emphasis is on Aylesford. I would love to vote tory but have to admit that Jonathan Shaw is pretty proactive in the area and very accessible as I discovered last year. I want specific things to base my voting decision on and to be frank am less interested in the running of a clean campaign as this is what I would expect anyway from all candidates. WHAT CHANGES IN THE AREA ARE WE VOTING FOR EXACTLY!!??